As the Hogan brothers grew up, they got a first-hand introduction to business by watching and learning as their father built a chain of grocery stores called Hogan's Fine Foods.

The Hogan family's involvement in business dates back to the 1940s, spans three generations, and leads directly to WWR Properties, a commercial real estate development and management company operating in the South Puget Sound today.

Taking the Helm
In the mid-80s, the Hogan brothers—Walter, Wayne, and Robert—shifted the family business from retail to property development, eventually lending their initials, WWR, to this new partnership. Under the managing direction of Walter N. (Mick) Hogan, the brothers began developing, acquiring, and managing commercial properties throughout the South Sound Region.

Consensus-Driven Leadership
Working as partners in strategic decision making, the brothers first acquired a three-acre parcel in Gig Harbor and grew it into the 11.2 acre 120,000 sq ft Olympic Village Shopping Center [link], making it home to national players and local retailers alike. Their portfolio of properties has expanded to include a 21,000 sq ft class A office space [link] in University Place, an 80,000 sq ft shopping center [link] in the same neighborhood, and many other commercial properties throughout the region.

Growing Team and Portfolio
The WWR partnership team has grown along with its portfolio. Wayne Hogan Jr. was recently included as a partner, making the firm truly multi-generational. WWR Properties is a real-estate development and management company with no plans of coasting any time soon. Major new properties are in development currently. As always, the Hogan family's eyes are scanning the South Sound real-estate horizon, ready to embrace the next profitable opportunity.