WWR Properties  +  Hogan Enterprises

Commercial real-estate development
and property management

Commercial real-estate development and property management are in our blood at WWR Properties.

A family-run operation spearheaded by Managing Partner, Walter N. (Mick) Hogan, we benefit from a depth of experience in acquisition, development, and management that spans three generations.

But how does our experience benefit you?

Whether you are a small business owner looking on your own or a tenant representative looking for the perfect retail space for your client, we are standing by to assist!

Savvy business owners know the priceless value of a good location. We manage premier commercial properties in Gig Harbor, Tacoma, University Place, and beyond. We acquired each WWR location because of key business-success factors like:

  • Underlying demographics information
  • Access and traffic data
  • Analysis of the surrounding retail climate

From well-known national brands, to strong regional businesses, the combined attraction power of our tenants offers the kind of visibility every quality business needs.

Commercial real-estate development and property-management companies come and go. At WWR Properties and Hogan Enterprises, we are proud of our track record of stability, strength, and success. We look forward to being a partner in your success too.